Augmented Reality is certainly no newcomer to the world of Social Media. We’ve seen brands using it for a number of years, particularly for its ‘novelty’ appeal (anyone for an Instagram or Snapchat filter?) BUT recently we’ve seen the rise of AR e-commerce and we’re definitely a big fan!

Augmented Reality is essentially about the user experience, fusing the ‘real’ with the ‘virtual’, and food & drink brands are in a great position to use it to their advantage. We love the idea of try before you buy, and whilst the technology wizards haven’t quite managed to construct an Augmented Reality app where we can taste test a new beer or a ready meal we live in hope!

For some categories though, AR is already a marketing reality, cosmetics companies in the US are trialling an eyebrows AR experience where users can test which eyebrows suit their face shape before being sent straight through to the online store to purchase the selected products. Alongside this, Speedo are looking at offering a similar service for their swimming goggles- an interesting use of ‘try before you buy’ and something we’re sure could brighten up the morning commute whilst
scrolling through Facebook!

Whilst we’re on the subject of e-commerce, we looked at Snapchat’s e-commerce ideas back in October and it seems they’re making real progress here. We recently spotted Oreo cookies using a ‘snapcode’ to entice consumers to enter a competition. Once the user snaps the code on their packs, they’re taken through to a page where they must enter their details to find out
if they’ve ‘won’- data capture included too, clever!

That’s your eyebrows, swimming accessories and biscuits sorted… beer and ready meals next please?

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