Another month in lockdown is nearly over and with the Easter Bank Holiday weekend on the horizon, April has some exciting dates to keep an eye on for your social media plans.

Whilst we may all be desperate to see the months fly by as we work towards the easing and eventual ending of lockdown restrictions, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take advantage of some big opportunities.

As we’ve already mentioned, the Easter period alone brings an abundance of social media occasions and you need to make that you’re covering them.

Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are all pivotal days in the calendar and if your brand or business has something relevant to say or get across, make sure you’re doing it.

A good example would be a small chocolate shop preparing gift boxes for the Easter break – in the build-up they should be posting behind-the-scenes pics to their Instagram Story and tagging shoppable content on their Instagram and Facebook shops, but also not neglecting to post over the Easter weekend itself including reminding people to tag them in their chocolate inspired posts and stories.

As we mentioned on our blog last month, don’t just post on these days for the sake of it, choose what fits for your business, develop them into your content plans and let the good times roll ✌️

With that in mind, get your pens at the ready, as we start you off with 12 significant events to consider, starting with our old favourite… April Fool’s Day! 👇

Starter for 12…

Thursday 1st April – April Fool’s Day

1st-30th  April – Stress Awareness Month

Friday 2nd April – Good Friday

Sunday 4th April – Easter Sunday

Monday 5th April – Easter Monday

Wednesday 7th April – World Health Day

Sunday 11th April – National Pet Day

19th-25th April – UK Coffee Week

Wednesday 21st April – National Tea Day

Friday 23rd April – St George’s Day

23rd-30th April – British Beef Week

26th-30th April – Allergy Awareness Week

Quite a busy month right? A social media manager’s dream you might say 😉

With those jotted down, we’re now challenging you to get on top of your hashtag strategy in April… did you spot our Hashtaclass earlier in March?

No? Fear not because we’ve summarised exactly how you can develop the perfect Instagram hashtag strategy for your business here 👇

With your topical content created (remember to get creative with Reels and video), sit down and have a proper think about your hashtag strategy.

What key topics do you want to cover in your content? What are your content pillars? What value do you want to bring to your followers?

With those headline topics now sorted, you then need to research hashtags which fit into them, using a mix of small, medium and large hashtags.

Check out our hashtaclass blog for the next steps, have a go at creating your own strategy and then test it out next month with your brand new creative, topical content 🙌

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