You may be surprised to find it isn’t a member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan that has the most followers online. It’s in fact Cristiano Ronaldo who holds the coveted title.


Whilst Ronaldo may lead the way when it comes to celebrities, leadership in your business sector is still up for grabs!

Being a thought leader in your sector is an awesome tactic to grow your Social presence. It’s something which is often overlooked, as people find it easier to plug their products or service and think of a sales-first strategy. But we think that the best way to sell something is to, well…. not try and sell anything at all. Spend time earning respect, engaging with your customers and giving them the content they want! Think about how you can add value to those following your channels, what are you passionate about in your industry, what makes you tick outside of work – share your views, your wisdom, be supportive.

None of this is new! But it’s always great to take a fresh look at what content we’re sharing and try think about it from your followers perspective.

Here are our quick top tips to get you started 👇

🟣 Go live with a Q&A session

🟣 Share weekly tips – share enough knowledge so that people find value in your content (which is a great opening to your paid-for service or product)

🟣 Partner with another expert -earn the reputation of a thought leader by teaming up with another wizz! Team Huddle often partner up with Sherbert Lemon to provide our followers with top tips and best practice for branding and design! It’s a great way of adding value to our followers.

🟣 Be consistent – Serious about building your brand? People won’t remember you after just a couple of posts. Commit and you will see results!

Who knows maybe one day you will be giving Ronaldo a run for his money?


Charlotte Farringdon

Huddle Social – Co-Director 

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