As normality starts to return to our lives and summer gets underway, there is a whole host of special social media dates to get involved with this June.

With the easing of lockdown in May, more of us have been able to visit family and friends, as well as enjoying that all-important pint in the pub and while it remains to be seen if those restrictions are to be lifted even further in June, there is still plenty to get excited about.

From celebrating our wonderful volunteers in the first week of the month, to National Fish and Chip Day, World Gin Day and Father’s Day, the opportunities are endless for your social media content planning.

Just a reminder that you don’t need to cover every single key date in your content calendar, but we’d definitely recommend getting involved in a few and taking a look at your hashtag strategy to make the most out of those days.

To get the ball rolling we’ve put together this rather varied list, starting with #WorldMilkDay 👇

Tuesday 1st June – World Milk Day
1st June to 7th June – Volunteers Week
1st June to 30th June – Pride Month
1st June to 30th June – National Candy Month
Tuesday 1st June – International Children’s Day
Friday 4th June – National Fish & Chip Day
Saturday 5th June – World Environment Day
Tuesday 8th June – National Best Friends Day
Friday 11th June – The European Championships (football) begin!
Saturday 12th June – World Gin Day
14th June to 20th June – Nutrition and Hydration Week
15th June to 20th June – Men’s Health Week
Tuesday 15th June – National Beer Day
Wednesday 16th June – World Refill Day
Friday 18th June – International Picnic Day
Sunday 20th June – Father’s Day
Monday 21st June – Summer officially starts!
22nd June to 27th June – National Picnic Week
Friday 25th June – National Cream Tea Day
Saturday 26th June – National Parma Violets Day

As always we like to set you a little task and this time we are heading to Twitter to give you some inspiration for the month ahead.

Don’t worry if you’re not currently using Twitter, continue having a go at Instagram Reels and building your hashtag strategy like we have mentioned in recent months, and you never know this little tip for Twitter might even persuade you to launch an account for your business 😉

We say a little tip but there’s actually quite a few and it’s all about conversation, conversation and yes you guessed it… conversation!

Twitter is the perfect platform to get involved in discussions with your followers and potential new followers.

Take #NationalPicnicWeek for example which runs from 22nd June until 27th June. If you are a brand that sells any item which could be included in a picnic (that could be a lot of you!), this is the perfect chance for you to search the #NationalPicnicWeek hashtag and follow people using that hashtag, like their posts, reply and even tweet/quote tweet if relevant.

You don’t need to even talk about your product, this activity is not about “selling,” instead it is an opportunity for you to get in front of people who might not even know your brand exists or did but hadn’t discovered your Twitter account.

To make it easier for you, look at it like a conversation funnel. Start off by simply liking or replying to someone’s #NationalPicnicWeek tweet, once they engage back with you (and they usually will) you can then start chatting with them, ask questions, show interest, and get involved in a conversation whilst showcasing your brands’ personality.

As a little target, try to get involved in three of those “conversation funnels” per day during National Picnic Week and watch those conversations roll in.

Going to give it a go? Make sure to drop us a DM on Twitter or Instagram to let us know how you get on 🙌

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