Adam’s our Senior Account manager. We use the term ‘resident’ loosely because Adam is always out on the road, meeting our clients face to face, handling our events and social sampling. He’s also tasked with managing our day to day client contact and implementing social strategy. From fashion week to festival fields, you’ll most likely find Adam there.

What a find! He’s an awesome member of our creative team, if you’ve got a remarkable idea – George is the man to bringing it to life. His storytelling ability is next level and you can guarantee he’ll be trying out the latest video hacks and geeking out (just a bit!) on what content tools he can bring to the table.

Susan is our Office Manager, and quite honestly we’d be lost without her. Susan keeps us on target with budgets, coordinating our daily lives, our meetings and making sure we stay completely on track across all aspects of the business. She’s the Huddle glue. Everyone needs a Susan. Luckily, she’s ours.

When it comes to creativity and content, you’d be hard pushed to find someone with Lou’s skills and talent. As the Queen of Social Content, there’s nothing she hasn’t mastered - from photography to videography, words to well, something else really creative that rhymes with words! You’ll usually find Lou on location, camera in hand, producing what can only be described as content perfection.

Our Agency Co-Director with incredible and unrivalled knowledge of how paid social works, Freya knows your audience, possibly better than you do. She knows how to find them, how to target them and how to get them to take that next step towards the all important ‘call to action’. She’s the Einstein of social advertising, in fact we invite you to challenge her…

Charlotte has been with Huddle since almost the very beginning. As our Agency Co-Director, Charlotte is the expert on all things analysis and reporting. As creative as we like to get, we also need the evidence to back it up, which is where Charlotte steps in, making sure you have every single stat, figure and the data you need to describe your social success - where it was, where it is now and where it’s heading.

Our Story

Huddle Social has been doing what we do since 2011, back when Instagram had less than 1m users and MySpace wasn’t a long distant memory. Fast approaching our 10th anniversary, our work is finely tuned to ensure we produce only the very best in social content. We create, we analyse, we study and we implement. We’re a small team of specialists in our field, working with both local and national brands, and we’re happy to let our work for them do the talking (link to case studies page)

To us, Social is more than just content, it’s what’s hot and what’s not in the ever changing social world. It’s numbers, it’s data, it’s clients individual needs and expectations, it’s what may work for you but not someone else, it’s understanding your audience, it’s creating a unique online voice, it’s standing out in a world of ‘social media ‘gurus’ and ‘experts’. We focus ONLY on Social Media because that’s what we do best.

So who are we? Let’s put a face to a name.

We know you don’t really want to know what we get up to on a weekend, what our favourite unicorn is and what we had for tea last night. We know that you want to know exactly what we bring to the table and how we can transform your social strategy…

We’re specialists in social media strategy, content, engagement, analytics, reporting, paid advertising, activations, live events… we could go on! So… if you want your social media to be next level, then we want to get involved with your lovable brand. Drop us a DM and let’s take it from there 😊

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