“Working from nine to wine!” We like the sound of that! Luckily for us, that phrase/quote/mantra, call it what you will… became a reality earlier this summer, when we were tasked with launching an Argentinian wine brand here in the UK! Over to our Senior Account Manager Adam…

Let’s get straight to the point with the burning question… what did the wine taste like? I’ll confess, before I started working on this project, I wasn’t a massive fan. But you know what they say, things can change in the blink of an eye, or in this case a twisting of a bottle cap! These wines are delicious and as you will find out in this blog, one of them in particular became a major hit amongst both our followers and influencers.

Before I continue, a little bit about Alamos Wines: rooted in the history of the founding wine family of Argentina and with more than 100 years of winemaking behind every bottle, Alamos really does represent the Spirit of Argentina and the high-elevation vineyards at the foot of the Andes Mountains, where it originates from.

Learning about the origins and the people who produce this wine, whilst savouring a glass of their award-winning Malbec was a real treat – and to be honest with you didn’t really feel like work. With a range that also includes a Cabernet Sauvignon, a Chardonnay and an unexpected team favourite (keep reading to discover this one!), this was always going to be an enjoyable campaign to work on.

That takes us back nicely to the influencer campaign and one of my favourite roles as a Senior Account Manager. You may have caught my blog earlier this year which investigated the importance of micro-influencer campaigns for brands (don’t worry if you didn’t, here you go…). Not only is there a real art and science to it but with 82% of consumers more likely to act on a recommendation if it comes from a micro-influencer, it is simply an opportunity not to be missed.

With that in mind, we embarked on a fully fledged three-month influencer campaign with Alamos Wines, which ran alongside a whole host of activities as we launched the brand to the UK social media network.

Our objectives were simple. To drive awareness of the brand in the UK and to promote the very special ‘Friend’s Day’ – celebrated in Argentina like a national holiday on 20th July, where friends both old and new spend the day connecting or reconnecting by sending old pics, enjoying long phone calls and even exchanging ‘Secret Santa’ style gifts!

To promote those messages in the right way, we needed to carefully select the perfect micro-influencer candidates to help us achieve that. This involved focussing on key areas including food, friendships, family and of course… wine Whilst searching for influencers may, on occasion, be difficult for some brands, this was more a case of who do we leave out! A bit like choosing who to go through to judge’s houses… we finally whittled a long list down to just 30.

The response was staggering. With both the brand and the Friend’s Day concept fully appreciated and understood from the first minute, we knew this was going to be an extremely successful micro-influencer campaign.

Over a three-month period, our proactive, creative and friendly set of micro-influencers reached 406,444 people across Instagram and Twitter, as well as generating 6,491 engagements – numbers that we were extremely proud to achieve in such a short period of time, with a group of influencers who became real advocates and supporters for the brand.

And that one particular bottle of wine which was the unexpected team favourite (drum roll please…) Alamos Wines’ delightful Malbec Rosé.

If you think that sounds a bit unlikely, this is one that you most definitely need to try before you knock it. Not only does it taste amazing but the colours it boasts are a micro-influencers dream! Just see for yourself here…

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