Whilst you may struggle to find any mention of social media when researching the origins of Valentine’s Day, it is something which you simply can’t avoid in the present day and we wouldn’t want you to!

Creating amazing content for the special day not only gives your business the opportunity to increase sales, but also reach and engage with both new and current followers in a way that you haven’t before.

With that in mind, we’re challenging you to show some love and passion for your social media in the build up this week and by that we don’t mean beans on Weetabix… 👀

So put the love letters away, grab your notebook and get ready to make some lovable notes, as we bring you some top tips for that all important last minute Valentine’s Day social media push…


We know we bang on about them a lot but we actually do have a major crush on them! Whether you’ve got a product to sell, inspiration to give or you simply just want to have a laugh with your followers this Valentine’s Day, Reels is the place to be. Engaging and memorable content is going to be the one that sways people to purchase or maybe even fall in love with your brand 😉 Keeping it quick, fun and educational is key for Valentine’s Day content and Reels are built on that very DNA.


Another relatively new addition to Instagram is Guides and if you haven’t had a play around with them already, this is the perfect opportunity. Got loads of tips, recommendations and products to sell but don’t know how to group them all together? Guides. With the ability to showcase products, places (maybe not so much right now) and posts, the features gives you the platform to create a Valentine’s Day specific guide which includes products you want to sell and also all your Valentine’s Day posts all into one place.

Super simple to set up, try it for yourself this week and remember to point your followers in the direction of your new guides through a quick Instagram story or in your post copy.

Instagram Shops

Speaking of selling products and that leads us nicely into Instagram Shops. Another way to push those all-important sales at this time of the year is by ensuring your Instagram Shop is up-to-date. Not got round to setting yours up yet? There’s no time like the present! Don’t know where to get started? Drop us a DM!


Do not use the hashtag #ValentinesDay… What on earth are they on about you may be thinking? We know how strange it sounds but #ValentinesDay is actually on the list of banned hashtags by Instagram. Why? Some content posted using that very hashtag has been deemed to not meet Instagram’s community guidelines (any guesses what that could be…? 😉). Fear not however because there’s a whole host of other hashtags that can be used and here are three to get you started 👉 #ValentinesDelivery, #ValentinesGiftGuide and #ValentinesDay2021.

So there you have it, four simple ways to get on top of your social media content in the run up to Valentine’s Day! Give at least one of them a try this week and let us know how you get on 💜

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