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Social is perfect for storytelling and there is no better place to tell your story and engage with your customers than on…Instagram stories. 📖

Here are our top tips for creating captivating Instagram stories to support your brand story (how many times did we just say story 🙈👇

🟣 Set some time aside and host a ‘Q and A’ session. Use the question sticker to open the floor to questions from your followers so they can get to know you and your brand! Feeling brave? 😉 You can also jump on live to answer questions. This is a particularly great feature for start ups or businesses reopening after lockdown.

🟣 Show off your personality…..there’s a GIF for that! From dancing dogs to motivational quotes, using gifs makes any post more creative!

🟣 Remember to keep your stories short and sweet! Stories with shorter scenes see a higher % engagement rate.

🟣 Conduct your own market research using polls. Go straight to the source for feedback on your product/services. Using polls is a great way to add a fun, interactive element to your stories and find out exactly what part of your brand story your customers love and want to see more of!

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Adam Woodhouse 

Huddle Social –  Senior Account Manager 

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