There’s less than one week to go until Christmas but that hasn’t stopped our favourite social media channels giving us some very special and interesting gifts of their own over recent weeks.

You may remember earlier this year when TikTok tweeted a rather sarcastic response following Instagram’s launch of its newest feature Reels?

Well… Instagram’s “version” of TikTok has now started to roll out some additional features including options to ‘Audio Mix’ and add ‘Voiceover’ but it probably won’t come as a surprise to you that those additions, including audio level controls, are already available on TikTok.

Whilst there may be many similarities between the two (and there are quite a few), that certainly shouldn’t put you off making the most out of Reels and testing out the new features as and when they become available in the UK. The Instagram algorithm is heavily pushing towards Reels and Stories right now and that is where you need to be to generate the best results.

Hopping over to Facebook and specifically its Creator Studio feature and the latest update there could be a gamechanger for social media managers and local business owners everywhere.

The social media giant is currently testing out a new feature in its dashboard which would enable users to view a calendar including both past and scheduled content, so in theory an Instagram planner.

With many planning social media strategies for 2021 this could be a real timesaver and could we even say gamechanger when plotting your Instagram posts and timeline.

It’s definitely one to keep an eye out for and fingers crossed that it will shorty be followed by an option to schedule Instagram Stories.

Speaking of stories… that leads us nicely into an update from LinkedIn on their “new” stories feature.

Whilst many feel LinkedIn isn’t the place for them, they are here to stay and the latest news that they have started to test ads in stories appears to back that up.

This may only be an early test but why not explore LinkedIn stories in their organic format, get to know the features, start posting and maybe you’ll be surprised with how much you like them.

Remember, LinkedIn is a great place to post updates about your team and your business, so if you’re in the middle of a photoshoot or packing a thousand Christmas hampers for your shop, take a quick pic and post it to your story, it’s what we love to see.

Enjoy the updates and keep an eye out for them to be rolled out here in the UK!

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