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We often talk about the importance of brands building a community. Luckily Facebook and Instagram want to encourage conversation so they make it easy for you to do just that. Facebook groups are often overlooked by business owners, but they really could be missing a trick when it comes to community growth and conversation foraging. 😉

Let us tell you why it is a smart move 👇

🟣 Allows you to own a space where direct, two-way communication can occur between you and your customers. What’s not to love?

🟣 You are able control who is part of your community and create a safe space.

🟣 You can build multiple communities around certain topics or events related to your brand. E.G Beauty brands can set up a group to enable customers to share skincare routines or if you own an Alcohol brand, why not try setting up a cocktail masterclass group?

🟣 Get a better understanding of your audience demographic. This is a little ‘big brother’ but it allows you a rare insight into your customers and what they care about.

🟣 By creating a safe space you will be able to gain honest feedback about your brand from those that love it!

🟣The best part is you are letting your customers take control, steer the narrative and build your brand with you!

But how do you set one up we hear you ask? Well…

It’s time to take notes 🖊️

How to step up a Facebook group for your business in 5 simple steps!

1. Find the “Create” tab in your navigation bar and choose “Group”…simple enough.

2. Now it’s time to name your group, make sure it relates to your brand and its obvious what the group will involve. Sounds obvious but you would be surprised….

3. Next up decide on your privacy settings. There are 2 options here: public or private. This will be down to preference and what your goals are for creating the group. A private group will be a more personal space whereas a public group allows users to join without asking permission. Public groups tend to grow faster than private ones 😊

4. Time for the fun creative part (well that’s what our content manager would say) upload your cover photo, write your description and post your first post! Content in your group should differ from what you are posting on your main business page – think behind the scenes, special offers, hacks…the list goes on. You can also add ‘tags’ (these are like keywords) to your group to help your group appear in search as well as Facebooks “suggested for you”

5. Once that’s complete then it’s time to invite members of your community. You can do this through email or by adding Facebook names. You want to be inviting people who are likely to engage and start the conversation so for example people that may be signed up to your monthly newsletter!

Let us know how you get on 😊


Freya Heaney 

Huddle Social – Co-Director

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