We have been in the Social Media game since Instagram had less than 1,000,000 users (back in 2011) and Myspace wasn’t a long distant memory. Over time, we have seen so many dramatic changes but the biggest of all, is that with every year organic Social in isolation is less and less effective.

The figures speak for themselves! 👇

👎 Between 1% and 3% of your Facebook Page Likes see organic content.

👎Between 5% and 10% of your Instagram Followers see your organic content.

That’s not to say you should neglect your organic content by any means! Think of it like this 👇

Your Social Account Timelines are your key Virtual Shop Windows. When you run Paid Social Campaigns (or marketing activity of any kind), it drives potential customers to your ORGANIC Social for verification. What they see there will determine whether they “enter” or walk on by….🏪

So, what you are posting for free is IMPORTANT but without Paid Social your Social Media Marketing just isn’t as effective. But don’t panic! Once you’ve smashed your organic content, the next step is to look at the Paid Social options which would support you to reach the next level.

Just because you are giving Facebook your money doesn’t mean that they will spend it well. You still have to work for it. Ready to give it a go? Here are our top 5 tips to get results.

🟣 Know your audience when writing your ad copy. Make sure it speaks to them and is engaging. What would make you stop when you are scrolling?

🟣 There is no denying that videos are still the king of content. When creating videos for your ads make sure you are making an impact in the first 3 seconds and keep the whole video to around 20-30 seconds long. Double check the thumbnail too as some users may have deactivated the autoplay.

🟣 At the time of writing Instagram stories are extremely good value when using the reach and brand awareness objectives. Team Huddle have seen some amazing results for half the cost of other placements.

🟣 Test your ad copy, test your creative and test your audiences! Keep going until you find the formula that works for your business.

🟣 Make sure you install a Facebook Pixel on your website. It’s an awesome little tool that collects all kinds of useful data to allow you to optimize your ads, remarket people who have engaged with your site and even build audiences.

The possibilities are endless with Facebook and Instagram ads and quite frankly we could talk about them all day, but we know you want to rush off to start setting up your first campaign! Good luck 😉

Keep an eye on Huddle Social’s page for more tips!

Freya Huddle Social Director


Freya Heaney 

Huddle Social – Co-Director 

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